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From our London base we supply an extensive range of decorative products designed to enhance the appearance of any dwelling. Our customers range from Britain's best-known developers to DIY enthusiasts across the UK and into Europe. All enquiries are welcome with discounts for volume orders.

Exteriors - a selection of decorative features, adding distinction and presence to detached, or prominently situated dwellings. We have a wide range of bespoke products made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and Stone-Coat which we make to order as well as in stock polyurethane mouldings.

GRP Canopies - our canopies range from flat top canopies, bay canopies, duo pitch canopies, lean to canopies, porticos and special build canopies. All our canopies can supplied with our Orac Decor ready-made columns, pilasters, and gallows brackets.

GRP Chimneys - Lightweight Brick and Render effect GRP chimneys to meet planning requirements. Choose GRP chimneys from our standard range of chimneys or bespoke chimneys built to your specifications, dummy or with operating flue. Our standard range of chimneys includes render or brick effect, single or twin pot which can be mounted gable end, mid ridge and mono pitch, in a range of range of sizes and styles.

Columns and Pilasters - our Orac Decor column and pilaster range covers almost every application needed. Choose from Doric columns, ionic columns, Corinthian columns and segmented columns, all of which can be adapted to your requirements for us externally or internally.

GRP & Stone-Coat Coping - coping produced to your requirements made from GRP or 'Stone-Coated' polystyrene is very popular with new build developers and for refurbishment.

Exterior Cornice, Dentils, Corbels & String Course - made from GRP, Stone-Coat or Orac Decor polyurethane, use our low maintenance solutions where decorative mouldings are required to create an impact to a building.

Gallows Brackets - some of the best gallows brackets in the industry. Our GB02, GB03 and GB04 gallows brackets are all load bearing and low maintenance.

Radius Guttering - our radius guttering is made to your individual building in GRP, as ogee or box. A quality and cost effective solution where curved guttering is required.

Lift Pit Liners - lift Pit Liners in GRP are made to customer measurements and delivered to site by dedicated transport for new build developments.

Interiors - a range of rigid and flexible decorative mouldings adding sophistication, atmosphere and elegance to any room. These products are easy to install using just adhesives and have significant advantages over traditional plaster, gyproc and wood.

Ceiling Roses - a comprehensive range of ceiling roses, from the smallest to largest. Lightweight and easy to install.

Coving & Cornice - an extensive collection of sharply detailed, light weight, high quality coving and cornice mouldings. Choose from premium Luxxus coving, standard Axxent coving and trade Basixx coving ranges.

Diffused Indirect Lighting & Up Lighter Coving - uplighter coving and indirect lighting mouldings for fluorescent and LED lighting. A superb collection ranging from traditional styles to modern contemporary.

Skirting & Architrave - a full selection of hard wearing, durable and shockproof skirting boards in both modern contemporary and classic styles. Available in both rigid and flexible for dry and damp environments.

Dado Rails & Panel Mouldings - choose from our Luxxus and Axxent range. A comprehensive range of classic and ornate dado rails and contemporary panel mouldings.

Pipe Encasement - box in unsightly central heating pipes and waste pipes. A great range to box in pipes which run along the floor and wall for the home and industrial environment.

Columns & Pilasters - full, half and segmented decorative columns and pilasters to add an exclusive feel to your development. All orders are fulfilled from stock.


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