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Ogee Radius Gutters & Curved Guttering

Radius Gutters and Curved Guttering For Box Radius Gutters please click here.

Radius Guttering - The most elegant forms in nature and art have one common feature, curves. House Martin has many years of experience meeting the need for curvature in architectural products.

Our radius gutters are able to offer a stylish elegance to suit domestic roofs on circular towers, oast house guttering, bay window guttering and garden room guttering. The ogee profile has been designed to carry a high capacity* of water, whilst adding an appearance reminiscent of old cast iron gutter systems.

Choosing our NIA/RAD radius gutter will dispense with the need for a multitude of unsightly unions in-between myriad straight gutter profiles.

Radius Gutters and Curved Guttering House Martin radius guttering is usually produced in 2 metre continuous lengths, with only neat butt joints seen from below and union inserts to avoid leaks.

Whilst our radius gutters can be provided in most popular colours, we can also supply any RAL or BS4800 colour if required.

New Build guttering can be made to your exact radius where clients are able to provide the information, or to suit your desired radius on refurbishments simply provide a template for our fabricators to start production.

Radius Gutters and Curved Guttering To ensure the best results we recommend that any straight sections are also provided in GRP, as our guttering has a far longer life and colourfastness than proprietary PVC systems.

Where there are tight budgetary constraints we are happy to offer advice upon receipt of a roof plan. If in doubt call us to discuss your precise guttering requirements.

In addition to radius guttering we are also happy to offer low maintenance GRP eaves cornice in smooth or stone effect finishes. Our flexi-mouldings may be of use inside the home. We can offer over 40 flexible coving designs, 10 flexible dado styles and 3 flexible skirting profiles.

Radius Gutters and Curved Guttering Whilst special radius gutter colours can be provided allow an extra 2 weeks for delivery, and note that all your gutter brackets will be supplied in white. These can then be sprayed to your colour reference with specialist paint. Ask for details.

Radius Gutter installation guidelines are available here.

All we require to make is either, the architectural drawings or a 2m template in stiff card of the wall. Our curved guttering uses the ogee profile as a semi-circular guttering shape is not possible in GRP, the radius of the front and back being different

Further Information Required? - Product information, including installation instructions, is available in Adobe Acrobat format on the Downloads page. Alternatively, contact us.

* A maximum flow rate for our NIA/RAD gutter of 2.70 litres per second is achievable when installed on a 1:350 fall using a 65mm square downpipe.

Please note: Dimensions are in millimetres (mm) and are approximate; price is per unit in White, colour incurs extra charge; diagrams not to scale; nominal sizes, please check at time of placing in order; click an image to view detail. We accept payment by credit or debit card, or via BACS transfer.

Product Code Illustration Dimensions
(Proj. x Depth x Width)
Radius (curved) GRP guttering
Radius Gutter Radius Gutter 110 approx. x 80 x 2000mm
£139.50 exc. VAT
Straight GRP gutter
Radius Gutter 110 approx. x 80 x 2000mm
£118.50 exc. VAT
PVC-U gutter fascia bracket
Guttering House Martin Gutter Bracket
£3.30 exc. VAT
GRP mould setup
  Setting up of GRP mould to your specifications (one off cost)
£190.00 exc. VAT
Non standard colour
  Additional charge for non standard colour GRP guttering
£30.00 exc. VAT
Corner for above
  Corner Section Radius to Straight for GRP Guttering
£45.00 exc. VAT
Left hand stop end for above
  L/H stop end for NIA/RAD GRP Radius Guttering
£10.50 exc. VAT
Right hand stop end for above
  R/H stop end for NIA/RAD GRP Radius Guttering
£10.50 exc. VAT
GRP Gutter Union
  GRP Gutter Union
£7.50 exc. VAT
GRP running outlet
Guttering Running outlet for GRP Guttering
£16.50 exc. VAT
GRP running outlet
  Square Running outlet for GRP Guttering
£16.50 exc. VAT
SFA   Fix All Gutter Sealant 310ml Cartridge
£10.98 exc. VAT
Do ask us for a quotation. To provide an accurate price please advise us of;

  • Colour (Standard colours are black or white)
  • Radius
  • Metres required
  • Stop Ends (Left and Right)
  • Running Outlets
  • Delivery Address

Please refer to the table above if you require an estimate out of usual office hours. We regret that there is a set-up charge per order, and it still applies even if only 2 or 3 lengths are required. Whilst we can manufacture from a given radius we suggest that a tradesman forms a ply or stiff card template, which we can use to avoid any manufacturing discrepancy.

We can accommodate a maximum length of 2100mm long on each length of gutter if clients wish to minimise the number of unions (please note this will be invoiced pro rata in relation to the 2 metre price).