House Martin Construction

Coving & Cornice Mouldings to Suit all Applications and Budgets

Having decided that you want coving the next step is the choice of design. Every year our coving range expands, and to make the task easier we have broken down the choice into three ranges. Samples of all our coving profiles are available to order in each of the product boxes. There is a small charge to cover costs.


HM Value Coving - If you are in the trade fixing many metres of coving at a time the best choice may very well be our Orac Decor, NMC Copley and Decora Vidella brands. These products offer astounding value, but to offer the best prices we only sell these designs in carton quantities. Each coving profile is a high quality soft polystyrene profile with a smooth surface. These coving designs will transform the appearance of whole home for very little, very easily and very quickly. The ranges are one of the largest in the UK and there are sufficient profiles for most trades and DIY installers to offer customers affordable options.

HM Standard Coving - The Orac Decor and NMC Copley ranges are the ideal choice for the DIY coving installer and developer. Tough, hard polyurethane and easy to install. There is a wide range of profiles designed to hide expansions gaps on new build projects and refurbish featureless rooms. These designs come ready primed and can be bought in 2 metre lengths, with 2.44, 2.6 and 3 metre options for the most popular profiles. There is no minimum order and most designs are in stock for a next day delivery. Just calculate what you need with a little spare, and order accordingly. On some designs uniquely there is a flexible option available where a bendable coving cornice is needed in window bays and for curved walls. These match the rigid profile so the two can be used for the same coving cornice installation.

HM Premium Coving - The discerning home owner or architect is likely to favour our most luxurious coving options. Made individually in moulds, the Orac Decor and NMC Copley ranges covers a vast array of styles and sizes. Each profile can be supplied in any quantity and we also offer a flexible version for many of the profiles for those of looking to bend coving around the inside of a bay window, or sweeping hallway. Each length of coving cornice has a factory applied primer to save on installation time. A top coat finish is all that is required to finish. Unlike alternatives House Martin Coving Cornice is lightweight and can be installed by a single tradesmen or DIY enthusiasts alike. There’s no need to watch your paint being soaked up by a fibrous cement, just use Orac Decor and NMC Copley coving and cornice and get a professional finish first time.

Our products are superior to traditional plaster and gyproc, which by comparison is cumbersome, difficult to work with and has material disadvantages. Yet when installed polyurethane coving and cornice is indistinguishable to traditional plaster installations. Orac Decor and NMC Copley coving and cornice will not shrink and expand with changes in temperature and humidity which causes cracking. It impervious to moisture so will not suffer from water damage and can even be used in bathrooms, kitchens, around swimming pools and as exterior cornice. Orac Décor and NMC Copley coving cornice is easier to work with as it will not crumble and crack as plaster coving and gyproc coving tends to when handled and worked with. It is lighter, so the coving cornice installation is easier and requires no pinning to support. Finishing can be achieved easily with traditional methods using decorators caulking and glass paper. Each length has a white primer coat so only a top coat of paint is required and the smooth surface results in a easy paint finish. The real question is not why hardened polyurethane coving rather than plaster, but why plaster coving rather than hardened polyurethane.