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Interiors - Decorative Pillars and Pilasters

Orac Decorative Pilasters This page features Ionic pilasters, Doric pilasters and Corinthian pilasters, in a variety of shaft designs.

Also available are Corinthian columns and Doric columns. Further information to help you select the right type of pilaster or column is available here. Individual column and pilaster components are available here.

Our decorative pilasters are an ideal enhancement for orangeries and larger conservatories.

Recommendations: Choose Orac Decor columns for both Interior and Exterior applications. Orac columns are purely decorative, and not designed to offer structural support. We suggest that you seek advice from a Structural Engineer where columns are being used to cloak load bearing uprights.

Adhesives & Tools - the range of Orac adhesives, fillers and tools can be found on the Adhesives & Tools page.

Further Information Required? - Orac product information and installation guidelines are available on the Downloads page. Alternatively contact us.

Gallery The Gallery pages contain images of exterior pilaster and column installations.

Note: Do not use Orac pillars and pilasters in a load bearing capacity.

Orac have developed a range of advanced adhesives and fillers for use during Orac product installation. The full range is available on the adhesives page. Please ensure you add the correct adhesive to your order.

Product Code Illustration Dimensions
(Height x Max Width x Max Projection)
Columns, Pillars and Pilasters Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Sorry, this product is no longer available.

buy online from following Orac pilasters are shown below: P5, P.5, P7 and P.7. For further information and complete pilasters and pillars please visit the House Martin online store at: