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Orac Garlands, Pediments and Wall Decorations The Ancient Greeks introduced pediments as glorious shallow triangular gables which crowned the temples of their gods. These would often feature wonderful sculptures depicting kings, gods, or even contests. The most famous of these "The Temple of Zeus" housed one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Orac range of pediments features a classical shallow triangle ornamentation to crown a single doorway. This can be decorated to match the rich natural wood of a stained door, or decorated to match skirtings and dado rails.

Adhesives & Tools - the range of Orac adhesives, fillers and tools can be found on the Adhesives & Tools page.

Further Information Required? - Orac product information and installation guidelines are available on the Downloads page. Alternatively contact us.

Orac have developed a range of advanced adhesives and fillers for use during Orac product installation. The full range is available on the adhesives page. Please ensure you add the correct adhesive to your order.

Product Code Illustration Dimensions
(Proj. x Height x Length)
Orac Decor door pediment
Pediment 35 x 250 x 1050
£98.66 exc. VAT

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buy online from following Orac door pediments and wall garlands are shown above: D.170. For further information please visit the pediments section of the House Martin online store at: