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Plain & Ornate Decorative Coving & Cornice

House Martin's huge range includes both plain and ornate decorative coving and cornice. The plain coving cornice options dominate with simple to complex line run designs throughout all three ranges. There are however many ornate decorative coving cornice options, in the Axxent range and particularly in the Luxxus range.

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The simplest plain coving cornice is the smooth uninterrupted concave curve or Scotia. Various sizes include C260, C240, C990, CX109, CX126, CB520, CB521 and CB522. The line run designs of plain coving cornice, of which there are many, are in all three ranges; Basixx, Axxent and Luxxus. A huge range of plain coving cornice designs of all sizes and styles. The ornate decorative coving cornice designs are largely in the Luxxus range with value options in the Axxent range. We have egg & dart, dentil, swirls, flowers and leaves, acanthus leaf, swags & bows, floral, reed, angular step, corbel, art deco, contemporary and traditional coving cornice.

The choice of plain coving cornice or ornate coving cornice is entirely personal. There are styles of coving cornice which suit particular eras or building styles, but creative choice produces stunning effects.

We have an extensive range of plain coving cornice and ornate coving cornice. Samples can be ordered online and come with a brochure of the entire range of products. Delivery for an am order is usually next working day. Please phone if there is anything you wish to discuss.

All House Martin plain coving cornice and ornate decorative coving cornice is from the Orac Decor of which we supply the entire range.