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Decorative Columns

We offer a vast range of columns, either complete or in component form. All styles are available with plain or fluted shafts, and in full (360°) or half (180°) form.

Please select the page that best suits your requirements:

Which Column? - a guide to the various styles available

Corinthian Columns - highly stylised ornate capitals - external or internal

Doric Columns - simple plain capitals - external or internal

Ionic Columns - decorative scrolled capitals - external or internal

Segmented Columns - variable height columns - external or internal

Pillars and Pilasters - fit flat to the wall - external or internal

Separate Components - customise your columns

Downloads page The Orac column brochure is available on the Downloads page.

Information Installation guidelines, and information regarding tools & adhesives is available here.

Gallery The Gallery pages contain images of exterior pilaster and column installations.

Note: Our columns are purely decorative and must not be used in a load bearing capacity.

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