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Cavetto, Cove, Crown, Cyma, Ogee, Ovolo Coving & Cornice

There are four basic styles of coving and cornice, sometimes known as cove moulding or crown moulding. The Cavetto, Ovolo, Cyma and Ogee. A vast array of adaptations and embellishment occur based on these. There are of course many others shapes and these tend to be more contemporary designs of coving cornice.

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Known as molding in the USA and moulding in the UK, falling within this category is cornice or coving. Cornice tends to be used for larger more ornate decorative designs and coving for contemporary homes.

Coving Styles

Coving cornice is a 'sprung' moulding designed to act as a crown moulding fitted against a wall and ceiling. Other mouldings which are mounted flat are known as 'plain'.

Mouldings are a means of creating light and dark shaded stripes or definition to an object or room. Graded shadows are produced by using mouldings of different shapes. The concave cavetto produces a horizontal shadow, darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. The convex ovolo produces a shadow that is lighter at the top and darker at the bottom.

A cavetto above an ovolo forms a smooth 's' with horizontal ends, called a cyma or cyma recta. Its shadow has two dark bands with a light interior. Similarly ovolo directly above a cavetto forms an 's' shaped curve with vertical ends that is called an ogee or cyma reversa moulding. Its shadow appears as a band of light at the top and bottom, but dark in the interior.